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    About Sober Junkie

    Sober Junkie, a Native from California, is a singer, songwriter, and performer who uses music as medicine for his soul. He grew up splitting time between living with his single hard-working mother in Los Banos and his two dads in West Hollywood and San Francisco, where Sober Junkie got his love for music and entertainment. His father was an up-and-coming struggling actor/performer who always putting on a show. Addiction molded much of Sober Junkies’ (SJ) life and took him to rock bottom.

    Cannabis and music were the two escapes that helped SJ overcome his drug addiction and with his raspy, yet soulful voice you can hear a variety of music from SJ. Like his distinctive style, there is no way to categorize his music into one genre. This lends to his diverse tracks and the ability to have a song for everyone! His hard work, love, and support have transformed SJ into his current position.

    Today, seven years clean, SJ is taking his music and changing the world with it! "Teach people about people, so people can love people." This phrase can frequently be heard from Sober Junkie to help understand what he's been put here to do. What that is, is to create the bridge between the people. The power of music is incredible it's the universal language of love. When you get a chance connect with his new album sacred land and take a journey with the Sober Junkie.

    Blessings love light and smoke my beautiful people!!